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  • Election Results 2011

    I meant to comment on the local elections the other day but I just didn’t have the motivation to get into it.  That is probably a good thing because, I’m not doing this to be overtly political.  I have no platform or agenda other than I want to get from point A to point B […]

  • Metro – Hubway: The bicycles are coming! The bicycles are coming!

    Here is a great article that outlines Hubway in Boston in case you didn’t have time to look it up already. It launches in less than 2 hours!!!! “Hubway will feature “swipe card” payments and will cost $5 per day and $85 for a yearly membership. Annual memberships for $60 are being offered for people […]

  • Why Can’t the U.S. Learn Lessons from Europe?

    “Building bike paths alone will not get people out of their cars in the U.S. and onto bicycles. To create a thriving bike culture in America’s cities, people must begin to view bicycling as Europeans do — not just as a way of exercising, but as a serious form of urban mass transportation.”by elisabeth rosenthal […]

  • People for Bikes | Funding for bicycling is in jeopardy

          Tell me you don’t like my idea, tell me don’t like my tone, tell me don’t like my necktie but don’t tell me that you can’t take a minute to support something we all did as kids and loved!! Even if you hate bikers, the only way to get us out of […]

  • Cyclists forgoing bike clothes to commute in heels and suits.

    “Move over Lycra-bottomed bikers, racing past in a flash of blinding neon, and couriers, weaving through traffic in edgy-looking gear. A growing number of cyclists are taking to the streets for transportation without changing into special apparel.” Cyclists forgoing bike clothes to commute in heels and suits – The Boston Globe. I can’t say that […]

  • Bike-Friendly? Check the City’s Mass Transit System

    “Scanning the leader list of this country’s bike commuting meccas — Portland, Ore., Minneapolis and San Francisco — made me wonder if there was a corollary between the percentage of commuters who pedal to work and the degree to which the mass transit and commuter rail systems in those cities welcome bicycles. Ideally, bike commuting […]