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  • CarFree Radio X-Mas Special

    I hope that you follow me on any outlet so that you had the chance to enter the Freight Farms Contest.  Click Here to Listen–  Also, I may extend the contest to anyone that donates before the next show and comments on Kickstarter that he/she wants to win the Bike&Beers Friday Guest Spot Contest!

  • My CarFree People Discovered

    I met with two of the most inspiring people I know for lunch today to talk about this crazy, ambitious and (ohmygosh) great plan to change the world and create a company that will help people, businesses and communities for years. We met at Via, The Italian Table on Shrewsbury St in Worcester.  It’s a…

  • My 1st CarFree “First Day of Winter”.

    Last night I was wondering around REI looking for a gift and found myself spending an extra 30 minutes creating a mental “wish list” of all the things I want and need from a new super bad-ass light to a full face wrap and clear goggles for riding in 10 degree weather at night. Walking…