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  • Dharmesh Shah has OnStartups….

    I’ve Got CarFreeBrad & I love it! As a fan of Hubspot from a product/customer perspective, I’ve thought about Dharmesh’s founding story quite a few times, about how Hubspot got started partially out of his experience with his blog Onstartups while a student in Boston.  Recently, I got to hear him tell the story at […]

  • How did the MassChallenge Presentation Go You Ask?

    The fact is that I can’t answer that question.  Sometimes when you get off the train and have 45 minutes to print your presentation at Kinko’s then get to the location and still haven’t had a chance to practice the presentation you’re about to give, you gotta’ dig deep and just go for it! Sometimes […]

  • Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries

    I was invited to an event on April 4th in Cambridge originally as a speaker, but couldn’t confirm the invite so they moved onto another GREAT company, Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries.  I’ve met the guys who started it and they’re awesome.  Also, their product is an anti-theft bike light that I can’t wait to get […]

  • Playing Both Sides of the Aisle for Startups!

    One week, Two visits to MassChallenge- Gov Patrick, Mayor Menino and today Senator Brown. Again, this has all been for Freight Farms, but any face time is good for CarFreeBrad as well. Logging tons of train miles to get Freight Farms and Carfreebrad.com to go Global!

  • Boston Globe Coverage, For Reals!

    I’m a little sad to report that I wasn’t able to work CarFreeBrad.com into the conversation.  The Globe reporter was very focused on Freight Farms. Anyway, I didn’t get much coverage but I’ll take a few lines on page 7 of the Business section if I can get it.  I feel like this just opens […]

  • Don’t Expect CarFree Radio this week…You have no one to blame but yourself!

    I don’t think it’s gonna’ happen this week unless someone comes out of the wood work and says they absolutely NEED IT and want to be my guest this afternoon evening. That and the guest can give me the answers to a mid-term I have next week so that I don’t have to learn all […]

  • CarFree Radio X-Mas Special

    I hope that you follow me on any outlet so that you had the chance to enter the Freight Farms Contest.  Click Here to Listen–  Also, I may extend the contest to anyone that donates before the next show and comments on Kickstarter that he/she wants to win the Bike&Beers Friday Guest Spot Contest!

  • CarFree Radio- Special Contest!

    Todays show is gonna’ be a bit off because we only have 8 days to reach our goal on Kickstarter for the Freight Farms Project.  Basically, if you want a really good, focused CarFree Radio Podcast then donate money NOW and then get a few of your buddies to donate! I’ve been playing with the […]

  • Breaking CarFree News……THIS IS HUGE!

    Don’t give me that, this is re-post crap!  I know it but it’s so huge I can’t stand it.  With only 11 days left in the campaign the offer stands.  Donate $4000, get a car, support the project and send Jon on his CarFree Journey! I can’t begin to explain how huge this is.  Think […]

  • Most Searched CarFreeBrad Terms

    I don’t know if I should be disappointed, proud, or what.  Without further adieu the top two are: Busch beer camo cans Busch camo cans 2011 Like I said. Very Revealing!  Good to know what posts really make a difference in the world.  But it’s these revelations that make creating CarFreeBrad so great, these are […]