Tag: Humor

  • Goggle Weather! Time to embrace the layer.

    It’s that time of year again. As the whole world seems to be holiday shopping, trimming trees and singing carols, I begin to dread/look forward to battling the elements. This year I’ve decided I’ll learn from the past and abandon any notion that I’m cool or fashionable.  It’s all function, all the time.  Freezing rain […]

  • How do I not be a dick? CarFreeBrad’s Awkward Moments

    To follow up my post on everyone’s kind words that get me by on those tough days, I’ve found myself wondering exactly how do I graciously accept comments, praise and just general CarFreeBrad acknowledgement? I’m no celebrity so it’s not a common occurrence that someone recognizes me as CarFreeBrad but I’m happy to say it […]

  • The Means and The End.

    The past few weeks I have been giving more and more thought to “why” CarFreeBrad.com.  From the beginning I made a point not to go too deep into the philosophical and wanted to allow that answer to develop over time.  The benefit of this approach is twofold.  1.) I didn’t have to start this experiment […]

  • Politics of CarFreeBrad

    Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of doing some interviews about CarFreeBrad.com with some really nice and interesting people.  One of the things I have learned other than the fact that I love to talk about bike riding is that nothing forces you to condense your thoughts like having an interested […]

  • The Movement is Catching On…..

    There is no use in fighting it anymore, you can’t outwit fate.  We’ve all been wasting an afternoon and seen one of the seven Final Destination movies where a group of people cheat death but it was their time so they all get killed in the most bizarre ways possible because you just can’t cheat […]