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  • It’s BACK! A real post & HUBWAY!

    It’s been a whirlwind few weeks with Freight Farms joining the TechStars family.  If you’re not familiar with Techstars, don’t worry you’re not alone, but it’s what you might call “Kind of a Big Deal”.  Without going into, because I’m exhausted after this week, I’ll simply say I can see why they crank out winners. […]

  • Now that ZipCar is part of Avis, Does My Application Get Approved?

    This post harkens back to a few of my previous posts.  To summarize, my Zipcar application was denied a while back because I got a speeding ticket years ago and my current Freight Farms schedule/rapid company growth is making living CarFree exceedingly hard on me (and my very understanding GF). Over the last few weeks, […]

  • Most Active Post of 2012- “A Sad Day Indeed”

    A statement made by No One Ever, “I’m dying to know what the most active post on CarFreeBrad.com was last year!!!!”  With that in mind, it’s my blog and this type of thing fascinates me. If you know me and/or read CarFreeBrad at all this is in NO WAY a surprise you you. “It’s that […]

  • Parking Ticket!?!?!?

    Didn’t know this was/could be a real thing but I saw it with my own eyes the other day as I walked to the office in Boston.               It’s a good thing they don’t do this in Worcester. Has anyone else seen this before? Tickets and notifications of removal. […]

  • Real or Imagined? New Phenomena in Boston

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the bike friendly progression of Boston over the past few years and with the proliferation of Hubway I’m able to enjoy the new bike lanes all over the city. Recently I’ve noticed something that has happened too often for it to considered random. It’s the backlash against the bike lane. Not by […]

  • My Fantasy is 21 days long and involves spandex! Want to be a part of it?

    It’s that time of year again!  Tour De France time.  I only play one fantasy sports game each year and this is it.  You might not believe me but it’s a lot of fun and you don’t even have to be a bike fan.  Don’t trust me on this one, just sign up and try […]

  • Riding the Rails, Peddling the Streets!

    I’m back at it folks. Freight Farms moves into our office space at MassChallenge in Boston. Today kicks off my summer commuting schedule that puts me on the commuter rail a minimum of 3 days a week. Back and forth Worcester to Boston. As luck would have it my first two days coincide with the […]

  • Seriously, You Need To Have One of These!

    If you plan to be car free and like me have only the most basic working knowledge of bike maintenance, you need a great bike mechanic friend.  I was just ridiculously lucky that my buddy Will turned out to be a bike wiz and super enthusiastic to help and/or talk bikes.  I don’t bring much […]

  • SAY NO MORE! Happy Trails: An Exit Interview with Boston’s Bike Czar

    Encourage all your non-cycling friends to ride. Our bottom line is the same — get more people cycling. The best way is the direct way. You heard the “Bike Czar”!  It’s 80 degrees and sunny, you are out of excuses! Read the full interview here- Happy Trails: An Exit Interview with Boston’s Bike Czar | ABC […]

  • Hubway Officially Launches Second Season Today, “Bike Czar” Nicole Freedman Resigns

    So I immediately considered dropping everything I’m doing to pursue being the next “Bike Czar”.  It’s such a natural progression I can’t even stand it. CarFreeBrad-Bike Czar, nice ring to it.  My whole life dedicated to innovative bike programs in the city.  I’m not gonna’ declare that a dream come true or my dream job, […]