Tag: Heat Wave

  • It’s Hot and Driving Sucks!

    I’m not here to complain that it’s been a million degrees the last couple days or to wax poetic about the weather. If nothing else, this heat has served to remind me how much better riding a bike is versus driving. I had the wholly unpleasant experience of catching a ride from Worcester to Boston […]

  • CarFree By the Numbers: Gas Prices, Temps Going Down, Level of Satisfaction

    I’ve realized that a lot of my observations and opinion are based on highly subjective criteria without any real substantive evaluation.  That is fine for me but makes if very difficult to truly gauge how other CarFree people feel on the same issues.  Every CarFree situation is unique with hundred of variables that I couldn’t […]

  • Too Hot to Post, No Really!

    Sometimes a tweet sums it all up.  As I stumbled down the street yesterday in a dark wool suit yesterday after an outdoor networking event, this is all I cold muster.  I made it about a half mile, at a snail’s pace,  before the floodgates absolutely opened up.  Just before I walked past Funky Murphy’s […]

  • RE-POST……..Still Sweating!!!!!!

    Based on today’s weather and all the commuting I have to do today, I thought this post was still relevant and a bit sad.  This is over a month old and I still don’t have any really good suggestions to overcome the heat!!!!! 6 Minutes= 45 Minutes Sweating on the Train As conditions slowly creep […]

  • The World is Melting…..How do I “beat the heat”?

    The world may not be melting but from watching the weather this morning, if I go outside in Massachusetts today I should be ready to walk on the surface of the sun.  Now this puts me in a bit of a pickle as I need to go outside for a minimum of 45 minutes just […]