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  • Better Late Than Never- My Appreciation of Cambridge!

    This post has been brewing for quite some time.  Seriously over the last 3 months and in a more general sense over the last 4 years. I suppose as I’ve become more entrenching in technology and innovation my perspective on Cambridge has changed over the past 4 years but it has really come full circle […]

  • Car Free Week is a real thing!

    First 10,000 views and now this! I haven’t looked into this AT ALL, I’m just excited it’s a real thing.  But it appears to be legit, it’s government backed and coordinated by NURide so it’s gotta’ be good. It’s just ironic that I found out about it on a day when I borrowed my girlfriends […]

  • “Hell Yeah, I Love My Car: Living in Boston Without a Car Sucks”

    In case you missed it and that’s easy to do(tiny piece on page 22).  I got a little mention for Freight Farms in the March issue of Boston Magazine. I still haven’t seen it but I did see this article and thought it would be interesting to see what CarFreeBrad readers think of it.  As […]

  • Want to Win a Gold Medal? City of Boston Announces Bike Friendly Awards

    Another great BostonInno article that really highlights one of the many ways that Boston is pushing to full “bike-friendliness”.  Damn it Boston, I move to Worcester and within 2 years you get AWESOME!  It’s almost like the city of Boston is a former lover who is flaunting its new boyfriend.  At first, I thought I […]

  • Employment – Boston Organics

    Anyone in Boston who follow CarFreeBrad should at least be intrigued by this job.  I would be if I still lived there. Employment – Boston Organics. Boston Organics is a small growing company committed to respecting the environment, supporting local farms, local businesses and fair trade practices. We are seeking a positive, energetic, team player. […]

  • Bunny Hopping around Boston with Hubway

    One last Hubway adventure before the bikes are packed up for the winter. I had drinks with an old friend and the Boston Founding Manager of TaskRabbit, Mike Hughes on Tuesday night.  It was a great time as we met up at Biddy Early’s and the night was perfect, 60 degrees and clear skies. He […]

  • Time + Goals = Networking…….but what about CarFreeBrad!

    It has been a tough writing week to say the least between being isolated in Upstate NY without internet,family issues and starting a new semester.  At this point, I’m emotionally drained and ready to get back to a life free from gut wrenching emotion and constant running around.  One out of two ain’t bad! I […]