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  • NEED IT!!!! And You’ll Want it to!

    I need to get one of these bikes.  If nothing else, I want the lock feature.  Check it out, there is a feature for everyone. Audi e-bike in Motion – YouTube.  

  • A Long Way from CarbFreeBread!

    A while back and what seems like years ago, I asked a fellow Clark University Dual Degree student to write a guest post on CarFreeBrad.com.  My buddy Pat had just moved outside the tight circle of campus and would be doing most of his travel by bike.  I always found him to be quick-witted and […]

  • Yellow is the New Green!

    I wish I had been at this event like you read about in blogs(like CarFreeBrad.com).  Innovative thinking and creative problem solving about an issue that I find really cool. Sure I offer no intellectual capital but can provide enthusiasm by the (bike) basket full. “There is a stronger, more flexible board out there than the […]

  • Standing on the Job- Just a simplified version of my idea!

        I few months back I lamented that there wasn’t a desk designed for use with a bike on a trainer.  It was something that I had thought about a lot, for a long time.  Obviously, I’m a staunch supporter of all things bike but I can also get very busy.  When I would be […]