Tag: Fashion

  • Do you remember your first time?

    It’s amazing how many people don’t remember their first time.  I know, seems crazy!  If you ask them, they can probably tell you what their favorite shoe, jacket and artist was at the time but can’t remember their first time. I’m of course talking about the first time you wore a scarf!  For me it […]

  • New Year’s Eve Top of 2011 Lists!

    I love them!  This is my favorite time of year to watch VH1 and MTV as I’m constantly amazed at the things that happened in the past year and feel like it was a decade ago. With that, you have to draw the line.  I started to look up the top posts of the year […]

  • Pegged Pants, Skinny Jeans and AC Slater

    I may have missed the boat when “pegged pants” where in style.  I can vaguely remember my older sister spending what seemed like hours making sure her pants were pegged just right and I never quite got it. By the time I was old enough for fashion necessities(like pegging my pants) it had fallen way […]