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  • How did the MassChallenge Presentation Go You Ask?

    The fact is that I can’t answer that question.  Sometimes when you get off the train and have 45 minutes to print your presentation at Kinko’s then get to the location and still haven’t had a chance to practice the presentation you’re about to give, you gotta’ dig deep and just go for it! Sometimes […]

  • The Entrepreneur’s Dilemna

    Only a few days until I’ve been living CarFree for one year and as I think back to what my life was like a year ago, I almost have to laugh.  I guess I expected living CarFree to bring some level of calm and order to my life.  That just isn’t the case. I decided […]

  • I’m such a Geek! Tell you you didn’t love legos as a kid.

    I’m such a geek, but I love it.  Other than my feeble attempts to entertain you and live CarFree, I also own a small company.  Yeah, we don’t make any money yet so I can’t say I work for myself.  I guess, you could say I volunteer for myself.  Who better to help for free […]