Tag: Driving

  • I’ll Take a Near Miss over a Close Call Anyday!

    I had a driver that was very upset at my existence the other day and the experience got me thinking about something that every cyclist has/will encounter, the Near Miss! It’s an irrational driver who is very upset at your very existence on his or her road and believes that your disdain for their internal […]

  • Idiots: Two vs Four Wheels!

    Video Here This video is a great explanation that shines the spotlight on drivers as well as cyclists.  I love that he doesn’t pretend that cyclists ride like idiots just like drivers.  I’d be willing to bet the same guy who rolls thru a stop sign on his bike, goes home gets in his car […]

  • My First Crash! Don’t Worry Mom, I’m Fine!

    Last night on my way home, it finally happened.  If you ride your bike almost everyday and use it to get around all the time, it’s bound to happen, you fall/crash/get hit whatever the situation. First off, I’m fine.  Cut my knee, ripped my pants, big bruise on my hip and elbow but structurally everything […]