Tag: Daylight saving time

  • Down but Not Out!

    This week I had been feeling pretty negative about my bike commute and the CarFree lifestyle.  It just seemed that there was a lot dragging me down.  There has been the obvious rash of school bus and minivan incidents but it goes beyond that.  I had the realization that day light savings is just around […]

  • Daylight Savings….Ohhhh Noooooo!

    I just realized that daylight savings in coming up.  I don’t know exactly when it is, Nov. 7th? All I know it that I’m not looking forward to it and DEFINITELY need to get a new headlight.  I’m just not ready to spend 75% of my time riding my bike in the dark especially when […]

  • I’m “FALLING” back!

    As the saying goes, “spring forward, fall back” when it comes to daylight savings time but it seems like the concept is pretty universal.  The first few weeks of September have been rough so far.  Sure in the Worcester/New England Area there have been some boughts of strange weather but it really hasn’t been that […]