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  • If I Was A Musician I’d Write Songs About this Place

      COPENHAGEN — Picture 11 miles of smoothly paved bike path meandering through the countryside. Largely uninterrupted by roads or intersections, it passes fields, backyards, chirping birds, a lake, some ducks and, at every mile, an air pump. Every time I think that another city is making its way into my top bike fantasy spot, […]

  • A vibrant Boston needs major avenues for bikes – Opinion – The Boston Globe

    This is one of those opinion pieces where the title says it all.  I won’t go on about it because of the whole “preaching to the choir” thing.  But I wanted to point out the outgoing Boston Bike Czar’s comments in regards to Copenhagen.  Having spent a bunch of time searching Copenhagen for the the […]

  • Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Innovative Elevated Cycle Track in Copenhagen

    Not a lot of commentary is even needed on this one.  Copenhagen was like my “mecca” before and they refuse to do anything except make it more impossible for me not to want to move there. Read it! Copenhagenize.com – Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Innovative Elevated Cycle Track in Copenhagen. Unique locations require unique solutions, […]

  • CarFreeBrad is so far ahead on “SpermBike” it’s not even funny!

    I just saw this ABC News segment on latest version of the “SpermBike” and I’m shocked at how far ahead of the curve I was on this one! I mean I was documenting the “spermbike” and cruising around Copenhagen 4 months ago.  I’m not gonna’ say that CarFreeBrad.com is setting the national news agenda but […]

  • Why Can’t the U.S. Learn Lessons from Europe?

    “Building bike paths alone will not get people out of their cars in the U.S. and onto bicycles. To create a thriving bike culture in America’s cities, people must begin to view bicycling as Europeans do — not just as a way of exercising, but as a serious form of urban mass transportation.”by elisabeth rosenthal […]

  • Sperm: hobby vs. lifestyle? Lifestyle always wins!

    About a month ago while I was studying business in Northern Europe at a university in Sweden, I was able to track down a custom bike in Copenhagen Denmark that had been intriguing my for weeks and it produced some rather memorable posts for CarFreeBrad.com.  The now infamous “Sperm Bike”! To explain, my father has […]