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  • Foot Problem Solved! Bring on Winter!

    If you have followed CarFreeBrad, listened to CarFree Radio or watched the video tips you know how I have struggled to figure out what to do about my feet.  The obvious solution is to throw on some big ‘ol bad-ass boots and power through.  That is a great solution for some days but not all. […]

  • 30 Degrees will take the tough out of anyone!

    I had a short ride this morning as I had to catch the 6 am train to Boston which is normally kinda’ nice.  It’s just under mile and a pretty flat ride and as long as the wind isn’t bad I can peddle easy to enjoy the time. Today, not so much!  I’m really glad […]

  • Tough Travel Day & Counting

    So I had a big travel day planned that needs a lot of things to go right. Well, so far NOT so good! The agenda was simple. Take my bag for my 4 days in Portland, OR along with my work bag on the commuter rail, hop on the silver line to the New England […]

  • Worcester Mag- Two Minutes With…Brad McNamara

    Two Minutes With…Brad McNamara | Worcester Mag |  Holy Cow!  I’m famous!  Ok, maybe not but it’s cool to see CarFreeBrad getting some print love. On World CarFree Day, CarFreeBrad is in Worcester Magazine!  It couldn’t be anymore perfect! The piece is funny and I like the way it came out but what’s with the picture […]

  • World CarFree Day is Tomorrow!

    Well, tomorrow is world carfree day!  So please take a few minutes tonight to think about it and prepare yourself.  If it’s at all possible please consider walking, riding, taking the train or bus tomorrow.  It’s only one day, so pull out that old bike of yours, dust it off and get ready.  You may […]

  • What You Miss……..

    When you drive your car! Yesterday I was on the commuter rail just minding my business feeling pretty indifferent about CarFreeBrad.com because I felt like the stream of interesting things to write about had sort of dried up.  The fact is, I was wrong!  I needn’t look any further than my train ride to garner […]

  • Rack of the Day- Rich get Robbed Too!

    I won’t tell you how I ended up in Wellesley, Ma this week but I will tell you that I wore a pink polo shirt and slippers to try to fit in. It worked like a charm. I was a local within 30 seconds and fully accepted into their club. I got off the train […]

  • Last Day of Dual City CarFreeBrad!

    It has been a great summer and adding the commuter rail from Worcester to Boston has been quite an experience.  It has been great to get a taste of the “real world” commute over the past few months.  Sure, it’s summer so I haven’t had to brave the worst parts of the New England seasons […]

  • The Means and The End.

    The past few weeks I have been giving more and more thought to “why” CarFreeBrad.com.  From the beginning I made a point not to go too deep into the philosophical and wanted to allow that answer to develop over time.  The benefit of this approach is twofold.  1.) I didn’t have to start this experiment […]