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  • New King Of All Media- CarFreeBrad

    Listen live now to hear me taking over media one outlet at a time! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE

  • I’m all over the Radio!

    My interview on WICN’s “The Business Beat” airs this sunday at 10pm.  The 30 minute piece covers A LOT including, Clean Energy, Freight Farms and of course CARFREEBRAD.com. Here’s the commercial spot to tease you until Sunday. TEASING YOU LIKE CRAZY HERE

  • Last Day of Dual City CarFreeBrad!

    It has been a great summer and adding the commuter rail from Worcester to Boston has been quite an experience.  It has been great to get a taste of the “real world” commute over the past few months.  Sure, it’s summer so I haven’t had to brave the worst parts of the New England seasons […]