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  • Ok, I Might Need A Car

    Today was a real challenge in the CarFreeBrad world, actually the last few days have driven me to question my resolve to remain CarFree for the foreseeable future. Ironically, this internal struggle has nothing to do with any of the CarFree issues and challenges the last few days has brought to the forefront but the […]

  • Why Startup Founders Are Always Sad. A Rare Glimpse into Me Off the Bike!

    I try really hard to keep my Bike life and my Startup Life separate but in reality I can’t.  It’s not reasonable to just not mention the part of my life I go to sleep thinking about and wake up itching to get to work on. I put on a brave face and a lot […]

  • “Car Free” is on the Front Page of the Globe!

    For all the obvious reasons I love this article about traffic being down in Kendall Square in spite of all the development and growth.  By far my favorite aspect is the  opening scenario that so clearly outlines my Pro-Bike stance for getting around.  Bike first, train second, drive third is what CarFreeBrad is all about. […]

  • How do I put everything into 1 post?

    That is the question I’ve been wrestling with all day.  In the past 36-48 hours so many things have happened/are happening it’s completely overwhelming. First, I had SO MUCH fun on Friday at Wheaton College brainstorming in the Computer Science Automation Lab playing with a variety of hardware, software, monitoring and automation components.  It was […]

  • Is it me or the pants? F-ing Bieber!

    The last week of rides have been tough for many reasons.  The biggest pain in the ass factor has been the 30 plus MPH wind gusts that seem to be in my face in every direction.  While that is really annoying, I noticed that even when I have been riding on flat roads with no […]

  • GSOM Gala Recap. CarFreeBrad won an Award, sorta’!

    Last night was the Clark University Graduate School of Management Annual Year End Gala.  It was at the Higgins Armory in Worcester which is a great venue with a ton of cool armor to play with and a cool exhibits everywhere.  The DJ was good, food was outstanding and drinks were tasty.  Overall, it was […]

  • Welcome to the iPhone Era CarFreeBrad! I need Apps!

    The wait is over!  I finally got rid of my god damned BlackBerry and stepped into the world of iPhone users.  Now I might have a chance to post from the road. As some of you may have noticed, there have been some random days that I don’t post.  The ironic part is that those […]

  • Boston Globe Coverage, For Reals!

    I’m a little sad to report that I wasn’t able to work CarFreeBrad.com into the conversation.  The Globe reporter was very focused on Freight Farms. Anyway, I didn’t get much coverage but I’ll take a few lines on page 7 of the Business section if I can get it.  I feel like this just opens […]

  • It’s a LOT closer than you think

    I’ve been forced to do a number of things on my bike during my CarFree time.  The strangest aspect has been the adoption of running errands CarFree!  The whole process of “getting stuff done” is different.  Like everything else in my life now, I have to plan it better and more carefully.  If I know […]

  • Dear MBTA,

    I understand that you are facing some huge deficit and need to make some very difficult decisions.  I don’t envy your position because no matter what you do some segment of the population is going to be upset with you. I have two requests that I ask you to consider.  First, Do not refer to […]