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  • Blogging Hungry

    The last few weeks have been very slow by CarFreeBrad.com standards. I’ve only been posting about 3 times a week and quite a few have been below my best work. Now I have a laundry list of excuses but none of them get to root of the problem and they all feel rather hollow. So […]

  • How did CarFreeBrad Start? Humble Beginnings, the very first entry!

      In case you have ever wondered how this magnificent experiment all got started.  The lesson here is to just DO IT!  Look at this entry as a prime example of this theory.  I obviously just sat down and decided that something would be written by the time I got up. Today marks 3 weeks […]

  • CarFreeBrad- Blog Talk

    I will be giving this lecture at Clark University and I have mixed feelings about it. The “mixed” part of my feelings comes from my complete lack of idea how to approach it. Apparently it will take place in a room where everyone has a computer and can follow along or practice different “techniques” I […]