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  • My First Time……

    Yeah it was awkward, overwhelming, a bit surreal and was interrupted by my mom just like so many of you! And just like most of you, I only did it because everyone else was and I felt pressured to do it. It turns out that IT IS A BIG DEAL and WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! […]

  • CarFreeBrad Radio Debut!!!!

    This has been a really tough week so far between this cold/flu/exhaustion, rain and kickstarter campaign getting into the critical timeframe below 50% but I think that is all about to change. CarFreeBrad is going multi-media this week, Friday at noon to be exact. LISTEN LIVE HERE I realized it was time to get back […]

  • At Least I Know What I’m Getting

    I caught the weather on channel 5 this morning as I left my apt and I’m pretty sure they were talking snow for Thursday.  Couple of issues with that.  One, I’ll be in Oregon as of Wednesday night so it doesn’t really effect me.  Two, I’m a huge winter sports guys so this news causes […]