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  • “Bike Parking”

    I had to post this early christmas gift from my parents. When I got to their house, this sign was clearly planted in the front yard. Safe to say I have their support in my CarFree Mission.

  • One Way Germaphobe

    Sure this post is not related to being CarFree whatsoever but sometimes I observe things that vex me and need to be commented on.  Today was the epitome of such an experience.  I was brainstorming some post ideas and had a few good ones ready to roll.  First I had to empty that tank so […]

  • Election Results 2011

    I meant to comment on the local elections the other day but I just didn’t have the motivation to get into it.  That is probably a good thing because, I’m not doing this to be overtly political.  I have no platform or agenda other than I want to get from point A to point B […]

  • Most Dangerous Vehicles on the Road. Gross Generalization Alert!

    While I refuse to make “gross generalizations” about people because that is inherently wrong ethically and when the facts are revealed, this blog is for the most part my observations about things upon which I have done no research beyond my daily commute.  The beauty(good & bad) of the internet is that there are no […]

  • Bike Bell Etiquette/Ding or Die!

    I don’t usually re-post someone else’s work but this internal debate is a good one.  It’s something that I’ve been thinking about because I don’t have a bell and people in Worcester aren’t used to bikes being there so I need to get one.  My biggest hang up has probably been the “less of a […]

  • Pedaling for Peace 2011- Part 2. I Immediately Felt Bad About Myself!

    Some of you may have read my earlier post in which I started to cut into this young man Chris for wanting to ride his bike all over the place volunteering to promote peace and the environment.  As soon as I posted it, I felt bad about being so pessimistic toward my fellow cyclist.  In […]

  • The Means and The End.

    The past few weeks I have been giving more and more thought to “why” CarFreeBrad.com.  From the beginning I made a point not to go too deep into the philosophical and wanted to allow that answer to develop over time.  The benefit of this approach is twofold.  1.) I didn’t have to start this experiment […]

  • Detroit Bike City!

    Watch this and you’ll know why I have a secret desire to ride with all the different cycle clubs across the nation. A promise to all of you: After I make a million dollars, I will take an entire month each year to ride my bike with as many cycle clubs as I can until […]

  • Rack of the Day: Help Me, Help You!?!?!?!

    In honor of this weeks launch of Boston’s Bike Sharing program I decided to focus on the racks that I want everyone in Boston, around Boston or traveling to Boston to look out for as they become active. Take a picture of the Hubway Racks, you on the Hubway Bikes, you on the Hubway bikes […]

  • Hubway Stations: Good or Bad?

    This was my initial reaction to my first bike sharing rack in Boston by South Station. In the hustle and bustle of all the commuters scurrying to catch their rides, I could have easily walked right by and never even noticed it. I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing, but my […]