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  • Dropped Chain- Making Lemonade!

    I had a whole post written that talked about how exhausted I am and would keep things short and to the point.  Well, when I saved it.  It was gone. So all you get is that my chain got stuck so I took my road bike today.  It turned out to be great.  Love my […]

  • Cool Bike Rider Crash Barstool Sports: Boston

    This is one of those things you see on the internet that I just don’t know how to play.  I’m caught squarely in my own personal moral “no mans land”. First and foremost, I don’t ever want to see a fellow rider injured.  I’ve been lucky in my career to avoid any real serious crashes […]

  • A vibrant Boston needs major avenues for bikes – Opinion – The Boston Globe

    This is one of those opinion pieces where the title says it all.  I won’t go on about it because of the whole “preaching to the choir” thing.  But I wanted to point out the outgoing Boston Bike Czar’s comments in regards to Copenhagen.  Having spent a bunch of time searching Copenhagen for the the […]

  • 2012 Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride

    Now that the hoopla around Marathon Monday has died down and the weather is slightly more seasonal, I think it’s prudent to comment on one of the coolest parts of the Boston Marathon, the bike riders! Although I was unable to attend, this event is officially on the CarFreeBrad calendar for next year and I […]

  • Don’t Door Me Bro

    I’ve witnessed a new move repeatedly on Shrewsbury St in Worcester.  More often than I’m comfortable thinking about I’ve watched people sit in there parked car with the engine off and lights out(maybe they are checking email or texting, I don’t know) then violently swing the door open like they are executing a drug raid. […]

  • Bicycle Commuting On The Rise

    CarFreeBrad.com at it again, just changing the game.  Sure I didn’t start this thing until just over a year ago but it seems to have had a Back to the Future type of retroactive effect on the numbers.  Don’t believe me, check the facts. Bicycle commuting is on the rise, albeit from a low base, […]

  • Clark University Open Bike Shop! CarFreeBrad Influence in Action!

    I’m saying that I’m the only reason that Clark is opening a bike shop to offer education, repairs and parts for reasonable prices but you can’t deny it’s at least a wacky coincidence. Think about it, almost exactly 1 year after CarFreeBrad.com is unleashed on the world these flyers start to go up around campus. […]

  • You CAN’T get this in a car

    As the weather around here heats up and everyone gets excited for spring and observation must be made. No, I’m not going to bash all the “fair-weather” bikers on the road or anything like that.  Mostly because I love to see people our and about peddling away!  Any and all forms, I love it! Bu […]

  • One Year Celebration Post- The Documentary Trailer!

    Today marks one year to the day that I turned in my car and officially started this journey.  In honor of that here’s a short video that a Clark Grad student did as part of her final project. If you thought that was a great trailer and want the filmmaker to complete her masterpiece and […]

  • If your can’t duct it, f*ck it!

    I’m no bike mechanic expert but I ride everyday and put my rig through a lot of abuse over the past 364 days. At this point, I’ve realized that in order to live life CarFree you have to accept a level of uncertainty in everyday of your life and an attitude of adaptation.  I sum […]