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  • How much has changed in 3 years?

    It’s refreshing to look back to a few years ago when I was surrounded by so many talented and passionate people who had come together, each with our own interpretation of making a positive impact on the world. I don’t know if this video was ever made available or widespread but it’s a great short […]

  • A Sad Day Indeed!

    It’s that time of year again, everyone is happy and CarFreeBrad is sad.  Here’s the story! I was taking the late train into work at the Freight Farms office because I had a long week and decided to cut myself a break.  Who would have known trying to finish a couple of grad degrees would […]

  • “Car Free” is on the Front Page of the Globe!

    For all the obvious reasons I love this article about traffic being down in Kendall Square in spite of all the development and growth.  By far my favorite aspect is the  opening scenario that so clearly outlines my Pro-Bike stance for getting around.  Bike first, train second, drive third is what CarFreeBrad is all about. […]

  • Is Looking Cheating?

    The Tour De France rolls into its final week and I’ve barely watch any of it, my fantasy team is a complete disaster and the crank on my commuter bike is still busted.  Needless to say I need a nice distraction from all this. That brings me to the question of the age-old past time […]

  • My Fantasy is 21 days long and involves spandex! Want to be a part of it?

    It’s that time of year again!  Tour De France time.  I only play one fantasy sports game each year and this is it.  You might not believe me but it’s a lot of fun and you don’t even have to be a bike fan.  Don’t trust me on this one, just sign up and try […]

  • 2012 Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride

    Now that the hoopla around Marathon Monday has died down and the weather is slightly more seasonal, I think it’s prudent to comment on one of the coolest parts of the Boston Marathon, the bike riders! Although I was unable to attend, this event is officially on the CarFreeBrad calendar for next year and I […]

  • SAY NO MORE! Happy Trails: An Exit Interview with Boston’s Bike Czar

    Encourage all your non-cycling friends to ride. Our bottom line is the same — get more people cycling. The best way is the direct way. You heard the “Bike Czar”!  It’s 80 degrees and sunny, you are out of excuses! Read the full interview here- Happy Trails: An Exit Interview with Boston’s Bike Czar | ABC […]

  • Don’t Door Me Bro

    I’ve witnessed a new move repeatedly on Shrewsbury St in Worcester.  More often than I’m comfortable thinking about I’ve watched people sit in there parked car with the engine off and lights out(maybe they are checking email or texting, I don’t know) then violently swing the door open like they are executing a drug raid. […]

  • Hubway Officially Launches Second Season Today, “Bike Czar” Nicole Freedman Resigns

    So I immediately considered dropping everything I’m doing to pursue being the next “Bike Czar”.  It’s such a natural progression I can’t even stand it. CarFreeBrad-Bike Czar, nice ring to it.  My whole life dedicated to innovative bike programs in the city.  I’m not gonna’ declare that a dream come true or my dream job, […]

  • It Must Be Spring!

    All signs point to spring, the good and the bad. The good are easy and very good.  The fact that it’s been 56 degrees at 530 am the last few days makes for a rather pleasant morning ride and topping off around 80 is just plain awesome.  A hidden “Good” is that I activated my […]