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  • Oops, my life choices! Living in the time of Covid-19

    A few days ago I sent this tweet inspiring a full post because this is an issue I’m going to need to put some brainspace toward and why not do that in public… I architected my life with a clear thesis. Minimal, small, urban, walkable, alt transportation and public amenities. It was something my wife […]

  • What Hell Is That……a dinosaur?

    Sometimes in my carfree life journey, I wish my brain could just dump it all on the page because every time I try to write my fingers can’t keep up and it comes out as complete jibberish.  I’ve been having one of those weeks! Although, I’m really excited some recent handlebar mods and eager to […]

  • “Busch Camo” Still Dominating

    I checked what search terms are getting people to CarFreeBrad.com and couldn’t believe that “Busch Camo” cans are still coming up almost everyday.  I do one post about the Busch Camo Cans and I can’t get away from them, but I’m not sure I want to. Might have just decided what I’m drinking for the […]

  • CarFree Radio- Market in Boston with Mike Hughes

    This segment got going a bit late so it had to wait until today for posting.  We recorded “Bikes&Beers” at Market on Broad St in Boston last night and had a great time talking about a host of things.  Some bike related, some beer related and everything in between.  I have to warn you, this […]

  • Yellow is the New Green!

    I wish I had been at this event like you read about in blogs(like CarFreeBrad.com).  Innovative thinking and creative problem solving about an issue that I find really cool. Sure I offer no intellectual capital but can provide enthusiasm by the (bike) basket full. “There is a stronger, more flexible board out there than the […]

  • The worst part of the Hurricane falling on a weekend……

    The Hangover!!!!!  We didn’t lose power so the fridge stayed on and the beer stayed cold but you should still drink them all just in case the power goes out, right? I hope that the worst you are dealing with is a hangover and the storm was just an excuse for you to finish all […]