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  • Why Dont Young Americans Buy Cars?

    I love that the major car companies are concerned that kids these days don’t seem to care that much about owning a car. This article gives a great glimpse into how scared GM is and the crazy lengths they are willing to go to connect with this new generation and make cars relevant to us. […]

  • My First Crash! Don’t Worry Mom, I’m Fine!

    Last night on my way home, it finally happened.  If you ride your bike almost everyday and use it to get around all the time, it’s bound to happen, you fall/crash/get hit whatever the situation. First off, I’m fine.  Cut my knee, ripped my pants, big bruise on my hip and elbow but structurally everything […]

  • Anti-Bike Road Rage!

    I posted this yesterday on CarFreeBrad.com’s facebook page because I wanted to get it out there ASAP. First of all, I did not make this video that needs to be clear.  After a few nervous phone calls, I realized that a few people saw this and become concerned for my safety and wanted to know […]

  • Do I Miss My Car?

    The short answer is absolutely! I miss my Subaru Forrester immensely, at times.  But I think I miss my car most when I get to or have to borrow a vehicle from someone and get to drive around a bit.  I have always loved to drive, some people hate it and avoid it at all […]