I started my blog (with some podcast episodes) in 2011 as an unfiltered way to chronicle as I attempted to live my life consciously without a car for the first time. The blog has evolved over the past 10 years in much the same way I have. All thoughts are random, important to me and lack sufficient proofreading. Enjoy!

A New Journey Has Begun…

I explored a number of areas that I’m passionate about but nothing has the ongoing and potential environmental, health, and community impact of food.  The past 12 years working to transform the food supply chain has equipped me to question the fundamental assumptions of the current system. Continue reading

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McNamara Family Bushido

Previously I wrote about A Prepared Mind in the Time of Covid- Part 1 and committed to share my family bushido as I explore more about mental models and construct my own approach. Here you go: Live below our means Punch above our weight Bet on optimism Gratitude over gravity As way of background and … Continue reading

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How I Read…

During the last 8 months, my family has managed to get out of our urban apartment on a couple of occasions to spaces that are more suited to quarantine. This week as I was packing for the latest temporary relocation, something occurred to me. A few years ago, I would have spent more time on … Continue reading

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A Prepared Mind In the Time of Covid- Part 1

About 7 months ago I wrote about how Covid had challenged all the assumptions I had made architecting my life over the past decade(Oops, my life choices). I had no idea that the shitshow was only getting started! I struggled to make sense of this new world and abandoned hope of coming up with a … Continue reading

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