A New Journey Has Begun…

After a great run leading Freight Farms(MassChallenge ’12 & Techstars Boston ’13) as founder/CEO from crowdfunding to series B($30+M raised), creating the largest network of connected farms in the world(35+ countries) that continues to grow rapidly, I took a step back from my operational role at the end of 2020 as board chair. 

After some time to focus on my family, recharge, and orient myself to the world as it will and should be, I explored a number of areas that I’m passionate about. In doing so, I concluded that nothing has such an ongoing potential impact on our environment, health and community like food does. I spent the past 12 years working to transform the food supply chain and it  has equipped me to question the fundamental assumptions of the current system.

My ultimate conclusion is that the grocery business as it operates today is not efficient as a business model, a supply chain, nor a corporate citizen. Looking towards the future, the way we currently interact with, relate to, and buy will become unrecognizable to my daughter’s generation when they reach my age.

The opportunity to create a better future for food has led me to join forces with Torry Katsiroubas, Ted Katsiroubas, and Josh Shirazi to create Morrissey Market.  We are reimagining grocery as an efficient business, a resilient supply chain, and a net benefit to the communities we are responsible to feed.


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