After 6 Months Off, It’s gotta’ be good! Right?

I wish I could say that I’ve taken the last 6 months to build up a backlog of witty, insightful posts that will blow your mind and leave you changed forever but that would be a HUGE lie!

I’ve been eyeball deep in Freight Farms this entire year.  I can’t say I regret it as building Freight Farm to the point we’re at today has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  The team at Freight Farms has allowed for me to be able to think about posting again on a more regular basis(no promises on that).

That said, my life is pretty basic at this point.

85% Freight Farms

10% Being Married

5% Everything else(includes my daily bike commute)

I need to recognize that my CarFreeBrad lifestyle isn’t a major part of my day and my most entertaining thoughts very often stray from the focus of my bike life and stumble into the other areas of my life.  Before I start to wedge time into each week to write more posts, I’d like to know what people might actually care about.

Feel free to take the survey and let me know what interests you.

Send some feedback and let’s get weird together!

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