What Hell Is That……a dinosaur?

Sometimes in my carfree life journey, I wish my brain could just dump it all on the page because every time I try to write my fingers can’t keep up and it comes out as complete jibberish.  I’ve been having one of those weeks!

Although, I’m really excited some recent handlebar mods and eager to discuss seasonal transitions(ok, not eager but it’s the nicest way to say it), gear and struggles I’ve been unable to get it down on paper.  Inevitably, when I’m overly distracted, I begin to rationalize not writing b/c there’s not much of a point and what value does CarFreeBrad.com really provide.

Believe me when i say I was firmly in that space when this lil’ dinosaur looking MOFOTimehop.com popped up on my phone and reminded me of what’s important by taking me through a journey of creation, joy and love over the last 5 plus years in my life.  While some would argue I’ve done a lot over the last 5 years(thanks mom!), I’ve realized that we’re only at the beginning and I’m lucky to have discovered three great loves in that time.

  1. My soon to be wife(WOAH! So weird to say)
  2. Freight Farms(It is weird that I’m more comfortable saying that?)
  3. CarFreeBrad.com(who needs page views when you’ve got two wheels)

[Some one in the background yells “wrap it up Brad”]

So what does Timehop(an app I now think you should get) have to do with any of this? Well, Ferris Bueller taught us that “life moves pretty fast…….” I forget the rest but that’s the point.

It’s too easy to forget what has happened and recognize all that HAS happened!  Timehop is that lil reminder to pick my head up and acknowledge that there is a past and it’s not 100% about forward progress every second of every day! If I had to make it an equation, it’s drive and learning over fun and love.


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