Long Time Coming…keep waiting!

In my last post(months ago), I hinted that my Carfree life and work was about to go to the next level.  That was a very true statement that I’ll be elaborating on soon(I sorta’ promise) but for now you’ll just have to trust me.

It’s not that I’ve lost my inspiration to write posts on a regular basis but 100% of my focus has been on Freight Farms.  It’s what I’ve internally refer to as a “life sprint” where I focus like crazy, get a TON accomplished but recognize that it’s not sustainable for the long haul.

With that, I’m ready to bring a lil balance back to my life.  If you’re expecting grad school level attention to blog posts, DON’T!  But get ready for a more regular dose of the unique perspective, humor and atrocious spelling/grammer that is the CarFreeBrad blog!Tour Team Car


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