Month: September 2014

  • I have my license and ride my bike by choice!

    There, I said it!  There’s been a rash of discussion/comments in my sphere of consciousness insinuating that only people with multiple DUI’s ride bikes to get around. Maybe it’s a chip on my shoulder from my days of biking in Worcester.  I have to be honest, almost every time I stopped at the liquor store […]

  • World CarFree Day- Repost

    A Word From CarFree Brad September 22 is World Car Free Day, and in celebration we’ve enlisted Freight Farms co-founder, Brad McNamara, to give us some insight into his decision to become car free, and his experiences over the past few years! I’ve been living “Carfree” since February 2011. I still remember the first day when […]

  • Long Time Coming…keep waiting!

    In my last post(months ago), I hinted that my Carfree life and work was about to go to the next level.  That was a very true statement that I’ll be elaborating on soon(I sorta’ promise) but for now you’ll just have to trust me. It’s not that I’ve lost my inspiration to write posts on […]