What’s an acceptable “ThankYou”?

As soon as the weather turned this year I began to look for better places to store my bike while at home.

We have less than 500 square feet of usable space in the apt and while she is endlessly understanding, the GF couldn’t love a bike(especially one covered in water/ice/snow/mud) taking up valuable space.

Our building has a garage as the first floor and although we don’t have a spot in it, we can access it to take out trash etc.

With this, I found a little slice of space along a wall and began to park my bike there. I knew it wasn’t “my space ” but it was open and appeared to have been for some time.

Contrary to what I would have expected, the rightful owner if that space.
A) Noticed
B) Left me a very nice note around the holidays. Letting me know the space is deeded to him but he doesn’t use it and I’m welcome to continue using it.

It might seem small but I really do appreciate his generosity and understanding. I’d like to find a nice way to say thank you that fits my budget and isn’t creepy(keep in kind we’ve never met and have only interacted via his note taped to my seat).



2 responses to “What’s an acceptable “ThankYou”?”

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