My Unexpected Life….

As you well know, my post writing frequency has dropped off dramatically but I WILL NOT apologize for that.  Sure I’ve gotten some feedback from people missing my witty internal dialoque being broadcast for the world to read but I’ve also had a lot of support from people that are happy to see me not write I appreciate the support either way.

I previously outlined all the reasons I wouldn’t be/couldn’t post as much(Freight Farms, School, fill in lame excuse here) but my excuse of the day is my current lifestyle as seen through the eyes of my friends and family.

From a certain perspective, to describe CarFreeBrad today as “Living a transient life doing weirld stuff” would be 100% correct.  Freight Farms is progressing at a rocket ship pace, Techstars has proved to be just as intense as advertised and living 3 nights a week in Brighton is an interesting twist but this has all been expected.

What has been completely unexpected are Freight Farms customers and supporters, affectionately known(as of now) as Freight Fans.  We knew going in that food is a huge problem that touches everyone and that people care deeply about it but I had no idea how deep and intense that passion ran until I began to really get to know the Freight Farms community.  The community is very specific to Freight Farms including our customers, team, advisors and investors but also includes so many people that support the various aspects of Freight Farms outside of food like small business development, job creation, technology, innovation and personal empowerment.

The moral of this borderline preachy rant is that I haven’t been able to post on a regular basis because I’m totally enthralled with hearing from every person that has an opinion or thought about Freight Farms, meeting our customers and generally living a life in overdrive that must appear really weird to many and very fulfilling to a few.

And don’t worry, I managed to pick up a new bike during this time as well!  Pictures forthcoming.

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