It’s BACK! A real post & HUBWAY!

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks with Freight Farms joining the TechStars family.  If you’re not familiar with Techstars, don’t worry you’re not alone, but it’s what you might call “Kind of a Big Deal”.  Without going into, because I’m exhausted after this week, I’ll simply say I can see why they crank out winners.  Everyday is like a week in the real world!

Back to the task at hand.  I’ve been more than a little down lately because the frequency and quality of my blog posts have been directly correlated to my bike rides.  Short and Sucking!

Don’t cry me a river just yet because I saw the most glorious sight I’ve seen in a while, the HUBWAY stations are back!  No bikes yet but just the idea that the racks are out is like when the calendar tells you it’s the first day of spring.  It can be 10 degrees and you haven’t slept in a 3 days but the energy is palpable!

It looks like I’ll be staying in Brighton at least a few days a week now so you better believe, I’m gonna’ ride the hell outta’ Hubways this season.


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