The Fine Line Between Dedicated and Foolish

If I should have learned anything years into this “car free” thing, it’s that I can’t make up my mind that I WILL be riding in the storm before the storm even hits.  Call it what you want.  Whether the adjectives you choose are positive or negative, the fact remains.

When I can’t push the door of my building all open because of the snow, I probably shouldn’t ride.  If that was the only irrefutable fact that I ignored this morning, I’d get ok with it.

Between the weather people, the school/work closings and the fact that there were only ambulances, police and plows out on the road my personal evaluation is leaning more toward more negative descriptions.

To make a short story long, I lasted about 1/4 of a mile before giving up and walking my bike the rest of the way.  Based on the looks, reactions and comments I got from the few people I did see, there was good reason to question my decision.


2 responses to “The Fine Line Between Dedicated and Foolish”

  1. I’ve started a ride determined to ride through bad weather and then turned around myself. It’s usually kinda fun to try it out just to say I didn’t totally give up because of the weather.


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