32 Hour Workday and I Shouldn’t Be Driving….

In case you haven’t noticed, my posts have been few and far between lately.  That’s no accident.  Sure I’ve been pretty busy but who isn’t?  It’s been more a result of “drivers remorse”.

Last week, Freight Farms was in the home stretch on number of projects and one of these required me to transport 400 lbs worth of tools and equipment from Worcester to Boston and vice versa a number of times.  Lucky for me, my girlfriend who is about as supportive as they come, her basketball-coaching season ended, and she allowed me to use her car most of the week.

Long story short I was driving home last week after handing the keys to the newest Freight Farm to its new owner when it struck me that I maybe shouldn’t be driving.  I’m a pretty hardy person when it comes to lack of sleep, hunger and general pain but I began to think I was pushing it.  I looked at the clock and realized I had left my house over 30 hours before and had been working non-stop since at the office, on the farm and training up the new owner.

The weird part and what made me really paranoid was that I felt pretty good.  Sure my eyes were burning, my back was sore and my legs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds each but overall I felt good.  So I freaked out a bit, pulled into the mass pike rest area in Natick and loaded up on caffeine and snacks to power through the last leg of my workday.

Well, I made it home, finished up the day and went to bed early.  But it made me realize that I’ve never been nervous about falling asleep on my bike.  I’ve never had to fight to stay alert on my bike.  In fact, I find it hard to go right to sleep if I bike home after one of my really long days because the movement and fresh air invigorate me.  Weird thing to realize at the end of a 30 plus hour hour work day but that’s what I think about when driving on no sleep!

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