So That’s How That Works, Courtesy of a Would Be Light Thief

I decided to give myself a few days to calm down before posting about my latest bike debacle in order to gain perspective and avoid posting on emotion.

I left my bike at the Worcester/Union Station T overnight last week. Admittedly not a good idea and I was very uncomfortable the whole time about it. When I returned, after a very long few days in Boston, I found that all seemed to be ok. Then I looked at my front Dyno-hub light.

It was mangled, twisted and facing the wrong way. Apparently, some would be light thief had attempted to wrestle the light off but couldn’t overcome the mounting clip. They didn’t manage to get the light but fouled it up pretty good during the attempt.

Silver Lining! I now know how the light works inside and out because I had to totally rewire the thing and after some trial and error IT WORKS. Even the light sensor is back in action!


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