Do you remember your first time?

Fabric Scarf Holder
Fabric Scarf Holder (Photo credit: brixton)

It’s amazing how many people don’t remember their first time.  I know, seems crazy!  If you ask them, they can probably tell you what their favorite shoe, jacket and artist was at the time but can’t remember their first time.

I’m of course talking about the first time you wore a scarf!  For me it was a long time coming.  I got a scarf from my mom over a year ago and it’s been caught in my wardrobes “no mans land” ever since.

Ever fashion forward, it has come with me many times but never been “worn” in any appropriate fashion.  It usually ended up hanging out of a coat pocket to add a splash of color(see I’m fashionable).  That splash of color had to go when it became a hazard of getting caught in my chain!

But I’m proud to announce, on this 60 degree day, that during the most recent cold snap I finally wore my scarf.  Again my fashion illiteracy wouldn’t allow me to ever ask “How does one wear a scarf?” so I just had to really watch some of my move savvy brethren.  After many failed attempts and cold walks, I finally got it right!  It was cozy, fashionable and an overall good experience.

I don’t know if I can now call myself a “scarf guy” but it’s another fashion arrow in my quiver!

Wearing a scarf!

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