We Get It, It’s Cold! Check your Eyelids then Call Me

Since the beginning I’ve been a staunch supporter of just going about your business.  I’ve actively tried to avoid the weather update posts.  I’d rather not post anything all winter then to liter this site with “It’s Snowing and I’m Still Biking” posts.  It’s New England, I’ve lived in the area my whole life, I knew what I was getting into so acting surprised that it’s snowing, raining or anything in between is just dumb.

That said, we all know it’s really cold.  Fact, not opinion!

Another fact, this morning was the worst day to forget my goggles.  I only had a short commute about a mile to the train station but it wasimages painful.  Sure it’s cold but I’ve been fighting a similar problem from last winter, eyelid chap!  Yeah, it was new to me last year and I assumed it was a fluke thing so I got some goggles and just sucked it up.

The last few days it’s been creeping back into play.  I’ve been really lucky that the temps haven’t been crazy cold for sustained periods and had to borrow my GF’s car for Freight Farms stuff a bunch over the past two weeks.  That break had given my eyelids a chance to start to recover and they were actually starting to feel better.

After todays ride, looks like I’ll be back at square one.  Seriously, who gets chapped eyelids?

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