Now that ZipCar is part of Avis, Does My Application Get Approved?

This post harkens back to a few of my previous posts.  To summarize, my Zipcar application was denied a while back because I got a speeding ticket years ago and my current Freight Farms schedule/rapid company growth is making living CarFree exceedingly hard on me (and my very understanding GF).

Over the last few weeks, I’ve begun to investigate and sign up for alternative methods of car sharing.  But the problem is your classic chicken and egg.  I’m fan of Relay Rides but they don’t seem to have the user base in the Worcester area to yet make it feasible for me.

This scenario seems destined to repeat itself with all my options and brings me back to Zipcar as the best option(for now).  I guess in some deep dark place I’m hoping that has WAY more influence than it does and someone from Zipcar/Avis will sympathize with my struggle and recognize how passionate I become about sharing services that I use (search CarFreeBrad and Hubway for evidence) and see it as a great opportunity to build up goodwill as the new Zipcar/Avis company.

The more likely possibility that I’ll receive no special treatment or help from the Zipcar/Avis will force me to look for new ways to remain “CarFree”.

This will inevitably leads to the question of “what defines CarFree?” and what other methods should I consider?  I’ve already began to look into going electric bike to extend my range and load capacity but I’m very skeptical.


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