New Year’s Resolutions: Your Time Is Almost Up and Gym Tips

Warning! This post has almost nothing to do with biking! But it’s just about that time when I begin to consider going back to the gym. No, this is not a new years resolution post. Every year for the past so many years, probably since undergrad, I avoid the gym in all forms for the first 2 weeks of january because of all the new years resolutioners(that may be a made up word).

Don’t get me wrong, I support your resolution and want you to be at the gym. I want you to work out, enjoy yourself and reap the rewards of being healthy. But anyone who has ever caught one of my post gym rants knows how much I hate people at the gym who waste my time (and theirs).

Without getting into the details, I’ll admit it’s not your fault. The gym is a weird and awkward beast with a flow and rythym all it’s own. It takes some time to learn how the place works, who to avoid, who to ignore, etc. So as many people come to the end of their 2 week old resolution, the trial period is almost up. You need to start to understand how the place works most efficiently and how you fit into that flow.

If you still find yourself a bit confused don’t fret, just read these below tips and you’ll be fine. And when you get a little overwhelmed or can’t remember a certain piece of ettiguete, you can always take a lap around get a sip of water and regroup.

New Year’s Resolutions: Gym Tips and Guide For The Newcomers | BostInno.

Cafes are for chatting with friends, not gyms

If you have put in all the effort to get a gym membership, buy a matching gym outfit, and update your iPod with some heavy-riffs by Creed to get you pumped, you might as well actually workout. Nothing grinds my gears more than the two gym buddies that sit on a machine and then gab for 30-minutes, while others stalk them like lions hungry for some wildebeest, circling the gym equipment, ready to pounce. If you’re not using the machine, get up, and I mean this in the most polite way as possible. Or else you’ll get the man-glare, and I’ll puff out my arms like a peacock showing off its feathers.

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