Inaugural Winter Trip On the New Ride!!

After a few modifications to the new ride, she was ready for the open road this past evening.  Overall is went well, felt weird but good.  It was a really hard transition to go from a 2010 specialized road bike to a 1974 Huffy Mainliner Cruiser.  Based solely on age and type you can tell they are worlds apart.

The PantherOnce I got over the feel of a heavier bike with fatter tires and a much more comfortable upright position I was very happy.  That is until I hit a bump and realized that I hadn’t tightened my seat enough and it went from horizontal tophoto vertical!  Needless to say, that was very uncomfortable for a second and required a bit of a balancing act the rest of the ride.

Overall, a great debut.  With the dynohub and a really cool LED accessory my mom got me for Christmas, riding at night was no problem at all.  You could see me coming from a mile away.

It was stupid COLD out though,  I think it bottomed out at around 5 degrees.  One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how well you prepare and layer, you’re never really ready for 5 degrees.


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