Month: January 2013

  • Better Late Than Never- My Appreciation of Cambridge!

    This post has been brewing for quite some time.  Seriously over the last 3 months and in a more general sense over the last 4 years. I suppose as I’ve become more entrenching in technology and innovation my perspective on Cambridge has changed over the past 4 years but it has really come full circle […]

  • Do you remember your first time?

    It’s amazing how many people don’t remember their first time.  I know, seems crazy!  If you ask them, they can probably tell you what their favorite shoe, jacket and artist was at the time but can’t remember their first time. I’m of course talking about the first time you wore a scarf!  For me it […]

  • We Get It, It’s Cold! Check your Eyelids then Call Me

    Since the beginning I’ve been a staunch supporter of just going about your business.  I’ve actively tried to avoid the weather update posts.  I’d rather not post anything all winter then to liter this site with “It’s Snowing and I’m Still Biking” posts.  It’s New England, I’ve lived in the area my whole life, I […]

  • Now that ZipCar is part of Avis, Does My Application Get Approved?

    This post harkens back to a few of my previous posts.  To summarize, my Zipcar application was denied a while back because I got a speeding ticket years ago and my current Freight Farms schedule/rapid company growth is making living CarFree exceedingly hard on me (and my very understanding GF). Over the last few weeks, […]

  • UPDATE!!! “Premium Rush” I feel like I should review it.

    I wrote this post a while back when this movie was coming out and I either never posted it or forgot that I did.  The reasons are likely many but mostly because I haven’t been to see a movie in a year or two and didn’t want to feel obligated to go see this one […]

  • CarFreeBrad Talking Freight Farms on

    In case you missed it last week in your post NYE haze and because I didn’t post it (and I know you get all your info from here I am from explaining and talking about Freight Farms.  

  • New Year’s Resolutions: Your Time Is Almost Up and Gym Tips

    Warning! This post has almost nothing to do with biking! But it’s just about that time when I begin to consider going back to the gym. No, this is not a new years resolution post. Every year for the past so many years, probably since undergrad, I avoid the gym in all forms for the […]

  • Commuter Rail Conundrum

    Anyone that rides the commuter has a strategy for getting the seat they want.  I’m lucky in that I go end to end Worcester to Boston (and vice-versa) so the selection is usually wide open.  In this regard, I have the pick of the liter. The daily conundrum I face is which car to pick. […]

  • Inaugural Winter Trip On the New Ride!!

    After a few modifications to the new ride, she was ready for the open road this past evening.  Overall is went well, felt weird but good.  It was a really hard transition to go from a 2010 specialized road bike to a 1974 Huffy Mainliner Cruiser.  Based solely on age and type you can tell […]

  • Most Active Post of 2012- “A Sad Day Indeed”

    A statement made by No One Ever, “I’m dying to know what the most active post on was last year!!!!”  With that in mind, it’s my blog and this type of thing fascinates me. If you know me and/or read CarFreeBrad at all this is in NO WAY a surprise you you. “It’s that […]