Everyone Else Is Doing It: CarFreeBrad Year in Review

No use trying to fight it.  Everyone and their mother is doing a “Year in Review” or “Best of List” so I guess I’ll do that to but I’m not going to think about it and just freestyle a post about 2012!

First, I can’t believe this CarFreeBrad thing is still going!  I started this thing almost 3 years ago as a way to document what happens as I transition to and then try to live CarFree (aka. Bike First).

Second, I can’t believe that anyone ever actually read this and that people keep reading.  In all honesty,  as I pass 12,000 views I never expected 50 people to look at CarFreeBrad.

The best way to review 2012 is to look at what I thought about this year before going into it so I grabbed my final post of 2011 to see.  My favorite part about top 10 lists and where to draw the line about what to write:

I started to look up the top posts of the year on CarFreeBrad.com and realized I was over that line.  Nobody really cares! Not in a bad way, it’s not a negative.  It just doesn’t match with the ethos of CarFreebrad.com.  This blog is all about head down forward motion with very little room for reflection.

I think that sums it up pretty well and remains true today.  To ring in 2013, I’ll skip the reflection, say thanks for reading and entice you to stay tuned for what unfolds this year!


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