Ok, I Might Need A Car

Today was a real challenge in the CarFreeBrad world, actually the last few days have driven me to question my resolve to remain CarFree for the foreseeable future.

Ironically, this internal struggle has nothing to do with any of the CarFree issues and challenges the last few days has brought to the forefront but the functionality that a vehicle provides.

images-1Allow me to explain a bit.  The Freight Farms team and I (read cofounder Jon and I) realized we are a critical point in our companies development.  Things have been moving a million miles an hour with deals happening and all key indicators pointing in the right direction so that’s REALLY GREAT but  with these wins comes additional pulls on our time.  That’s not as great so we decided to take advantage of this period of time around the holidays and new years when everyone seems happy to push stuff to “after the new year” to put our heads down and focus on product development.

With that comes some level of running around.  I’ve spent this whole week at the Freight Farm Unit in the Worcester in the morning checking on upgrades and the hundreds of mature basil plants growing in there along with thousands of younger ones.  Then I shoot to Boston to get to work on the distributor units that are under construction as we install a number of our custom proprietary pieces that Jon and I are currently the only people in the world that know what they are, how they work and what they do.

Luckily, my GF is our biggest supporter and puts up with everything then encourages me to do whatever it takes to succeed.  Part of that has been her willingness to let me use her car to transport tools, parts and make random runs to suppliers, manufacturers and partners.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that most of these things are not possible on bike, public transit and foot.  This fact makes me sad but is true.  From the beginning, this blog has been about truth along with the fact that I have a deep love and respect for the car.

These truths and the need/burning desire to create the best product possible  forces me to admit that “I might need a car” at some point.

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