It’s Over!

The search is OVER!  It took a while to find a bike to be the appropriate replacement for my old commuter that fit my budget as well.  In reality, I’ve got a list of bikes I’d love to get but my wallet constantly disagrees with that list.

So it’s a classic Huffy with all the fixin’s for solid riding.  3 Gear so I can negotiate the hills of Worcester without a problem, ample rack and carry capacity(at least compared to my road bike) and a dyno-hub to power the front and rear lights.  I’m pumped to be able to carry my stuff, not have to change my shoes, and constantly replace batteries in my lights and/or be scared for my life when they die!

Only downside…it’s a bit pink! Not really pink but a slight hue.  But just enough for me to make fun of me!

Oh well, the only thing to do now is to pick up some skinny jeans and embrace it!The Panther



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