MBTA mTicket Experience- Quick Tip for Commuters!

After a much ballyhooed debut and trial at North Station routes, the MBTA mTicket app is available to me to get from South Station to Worcester!

mTicket Home Page
mTicket Home Page

I downloaded it last night and tried it for the first time this morning and things went great!  Other than the downright abrasive nature of the ticket taker on the commuter rail, the experience was smooth.  The app loaded and I was able to buy my ticket last night, get on the train, hit “activate” on that ticket and I was done.

Anyone that rides the MBTA knows that customer service or any type  of service isn’t really a strong/focal point of the people who work the trains or the MBTA as an organization.

"Activated" Ticket- Show this to the attendant
“Activated” ticket Show this to the attendant

Based on my interaction today, a little tip.  Have the app open and the ticket “activated” when the attendant gets to you.  If your phone screen has gone black, been locked or you are tweeting and have to go back to the app it takes a few seconds to open the activated ticket and that MAKES THEM UPSET.  It was communicated to me at least 3 times in the two seconds we both had to wait for the activated ticket to open, that “you’re supposed to activate it when you get on the train”.

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