Safest Time to Ride…After 10pm!?!?!?

I was on my way home last night and began to ponder this question as I buzzed through the streets of Worcester.  It was about 11 o’clock, cool but not cold and I found myself with a nice tailwind.

Overall a nice ride!  It’s these rides that make me reflect on the joy of bike riding even at the end of a really long day.  This reflection led to an internal debate on the best time to ride.

By the time I got home, I decided that it’s after 10pm!  I’ll explain a bit.  As long as you have proper gear, lights and comfort riding at night, it’s a no brainer.  The roads are empty and the most dangerous drivers are off the road.

That’s right, the most dangerous drivers aren’t the elderly(or anyone else) with failing eyesight who can’t see at night, the drunken teenager(although they are deadly, they aren’t the odds on favorite in this situation) or the road raging commuters.  It’s the buses and soccer moms!

It’s well documented that I’ve had more “Close Calls” with these two groups than anyone else and they continue to be the only groups that will damn near kill you and consistently be angry with you for them almost killing you.  I’ll discount any encounter in which said biker broke the law or was out of line but my experiences have been while fully abiding by the law.

Before you soccer moms get all up in arms, please know this is based solely on my experience based on a very select and small sample.  Sleep well knowing that you are a great driver and would be very sorry and remorseful if you almost killed a cyclist.

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