A Sad Day Indeed!

It’s that time of year again, everyone is happy and CarFreeBrad is sad.  Here’s the story!

I was taking the late train into work at the Freight Farms office because I had a long week and decided to cut myself a break.  Who would have known trying to finish a couple of grad degrees would be so hard(sarcasm I knew it would be hard).  Anyway, things are looking up as I’m well rested, got some great sales leads, finished a rough draft of my masters paper and going to see santa with my family(niece and nephew) tomorrow.

Then it hits me, when I get off the train I’ll have to take the silver line or walk the rest of the way to the office because Hubway has closed for the season!  It may not be a big deal to anyone else but I LOVE my ride each morning and night.  Rain, sleet, snow it doesn’t matter!

All I can do is express my sorrow, get over it and look forward to next Hubway season and encourage them to expand and add hundreds more stations so I can Hubway EVERYWHERE!


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