Was that an Ice Cream Headache?

It must officially be fall because I got my first ice cream headache while riding across town this morning.  I’m amazed at certain new england anomalies when it comes to selective weather memory my favorite being:

The first time it snows, even just a light dusting, everyone forgets how to drive, bike, walk and otherwise function in the snow.  All the while freaking out that it’s snowing in New England in winter as if it hasn’t happened every year for the last 2000 years.

But I’ve realized that I fall squarely into this category of people.  As I approach my 3rd winter of attempting to be CarFree, I watch the weather reports, read the paper, go online and still it just doesn’t seem to register in my brain that it is, in fact, COLD!  As someone who tries to remain relatively self-aware, I recognize my own shortcomings and refuse to bitch and moan that it’s cold in the mornings now.

That said, it seems like it snuck up on me this year!





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