Real or Imagined? New Phenomena in Boston

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the bike friendly progression of Boston over the past few years and with the proliferation of Hubway I’m able to enjoy the new bike lanes all over the city.

Recently I’ve noticed something that has happened too often for it to considered random. It’s the backlash against the bike lane. Not by drivers but by bikers.

There seems to be a small subset of bikers who are “too badass” to use bike lanes and I can’t for the life of me figure out who they are. Its not messengers, but I’d get it if they just buzzed along with/in traffic(they’ve earned that right and can handle it) but they seem to embrace the path of least resistance that allows them to get from A to B better. It’s not the Hubway novice/tourist who rides on sidewalks, middle of the street wobbling and laughing the whole way. The regular commuter just wants to get to work safely and without much hassle and it’s not them.

Since I can’t classify who this subset is I must question if I’m imagining this or have I just had the distinct pleasure of sharing the road with a bunch of random Turkeys who are “too cool for school”?

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