Am I an Assh#le or misunderstood?

Apparently I’ve done a piss poor job communicating what I’m doing with this whole CaFreeBrad thing and making it clear that I’m “pro bike” not “anti car”.

I thought by putting the car payment issues right in my list of reasons I’d answer that one right away. Anyway, the post that spurred this comment was about expectations not what I’ve actually written in my blog.

So this comment and others beg the question- Am I am assh#le?

I expect a blog about a guy named Brad who is actually car free, not some dude who hitches rides. borrows cars, and tags along with others whenever it’s convenient. You’re not car free, you’re car payment free. If this blog were at a bbq, it would be that guy who “quit” smoking simply by not buying them anymore who then proceeds to bum smokes off everyone else there… and it probably would’ve hitched a ride to get there too.

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